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Istikhara and Ramal

Al Ramal (The Origins of Geomancy) always try to discuss reality. I have received numerous emails and messages from some people they were asking me to seek their istikhara by Ramal. Then I found many groups and websites where some so called experts’ people are trying to seek istikhara in behalf of a needy by Ramal and other knowledge like Jaffar or A’daad. I am only responsible for me, not for others. As people are asking me same question so I have rights to clarify the reality of Istikhara Read more [...]

Allah is the All-Knower and Aware !

A fortune teller like me or others always being controversial especially when it comes to future telling.  But if I call myself a Sign teller who just understand the signs according to their hidden meanings and predict what could be appear by it in someone’s life so this controversy can be resolved. Once we use the word “Fortune” some thought comes in mind that we are becoming a GOD who knows everything about Past, Present and Future. Off course we cannot become God, We are just using the Read more [...]

How to Generate a Zaicha

Have you Remember?  What Albert Einstein said “Any fool can know, the point is to understand”.  I did my best to explain this knowledge of Prophets and Friends of Allah in my previous articles, The creation of Zaicha is a goal that needs to be achieved in perfect way. There are several methods to generating a Zaicha. 1 – The Zaicha can be generating by Qira but Qira is not easily available tool now a days. 2 - The Zaicha can be generating by putting several dots on a paper. 3 - The Read more [...]